Tier 5 customers update

Tier 5 update 5th January 2021

If you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or are self-isolating and are a tenant please let us know and do not visit the office. All other customers and public are asked not to visit our office if you have any symptoms or are self-isolating.


Viewings can only be completed after you have answered several questions to ensure the house is right for you and that any application is likely to be successful.

We will insist that customers wear a facemask and sanitise their hands before entry. Only two persons from the same household will be allowed to view and you must not touch anything inside the property.

We will have all doors open and lights on inviting you to walk around then ask any questions once outside to minimise time inside the property. We cannot currently provide any transport for customers.

Currently we provide videos for our marketed houses but will avoid obtaining this until tenants have vacated. We start full marketing 10 days before the houses are empty. This has been working very well as many customers have already seen the house on our “coming soon” page so can apply beforehand.


We will be still able to complete face-to-face valuations or preferably given key access, we can visit and then call you to discuss.

 We will wear a facemask and take all possible precautions.


We still cannot feasibly complete these but specific concerns or requests will be considered. Therefore, if you are a landlord and feel it is imperative an inspection is done we will ask the tenant and if they agree, we will complete the inspection.

Move in and move outs

We will continue to carry these out separately from tenants or owners.

We have a simple system for this and it is working well. We carry out the check before the tenants move in and then after they move out. There is just a little more communication for us to complete but this is easily done via email or phone.

Our office

The office is closed although we will allow access for collection or delivery of keys and legal documents requiring signature.

Staff are working within the office and the phones will operate as normal whilst some staff work from home and others work in the office.

If you need to come to the office to drop something off or collect something this is still possible but we just ask that you only come if necessary.   You must sanitise your hands on entry and wear a facemask.

Maintenance, repairs and safety checks

PAT testing will be postponed but all other repairs, maintenance and safety checks will continue unless tenants are uncomfortable with this or are self-isolating. We ask that you are considerate of the contractors who will in turn be asked to wear PPE and sanitise their hands.

Legal changes during the last few months

Property owners will have to give a minimum 6 months’ notice to regain possession not two months as previously. (Section 21 notice)

All new tenancies will first require an EICR (Electrical installation condition report) we can complete these for you. This will apply to all tenancies from April 2021 we are advising all landlords to start getting these done now, Cheryl can help with this.