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Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

As a tenant we understand that you will worry about how quickly things will be fixed and what you are and are not responsible for. We have made a concerted effort to ensure staffing levels sufficient and that we have a number of contractors to use in an effort to minimise the time taken to conduct repairs and maintenance.

It is a key aim of ours to ensure when you report a problem that it is fixed in a timely manner by a qualified and or skilled tradesperson. Cheryl, Iesha and Kayleigh are the key staff for maintenance and repairs. To help us please ensure we have all your current contact details (let us know if your mobile number changes!) and ensure you make time to allow access or allow us to use a key for access and let us know if the problem is not fixed.

The repairs procedure is quite simple.

1. Problem reported to our office. Tel 01229 83 11 11 assuming your landlord does not complete their own repairs
2. We contact landlord for approval if required (landlord have preferences)
3. We arrange a time for the trades person to call or can give them your number to call you directly if you prefer
4. We will inform you when they will be coming
5. The issue will be recorded and added to the staff repairs board
6. We check with you or the trades person that this has been done but letting us know is always helpful

To help us with this firstly give us as much information as you can for example if a boiler has stopped working what is the exact issue and what is the make and model of the boiler? It is also beneficial if a contractor can call with a key for access as restricting them to a time when you will be in does unfortunately make it harder to arrange for them to visit.

We freely admit mistakes can happen but our policy is to regard these as serious if you feel a problem is not being fixed or is taking too long then please contact adam@pclettings.com directly. We will look into any issue and get back to you.

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We have used PC Lettings for many years... They offer a comprehensive service for both tenants and landlords. Well done PC lettings team!


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