Will I be accepted for a tenancy?

Applying for a property to rent

We know and understand how upsetting it can be if your application to rent is unsuccessful. We have customers from all walks of life and are fair to all. Please understand that the final decisions are not ours and also if you are rude or aggressive to our staff we will prefer not to deal with you and you could be declined on this basis. Some of the things we check and why. When you very first enquire we will ask the following;-

  • Have you seen the virtual tour?  If not then please watch it through in full
  • Do you work full time & where do you work?
  • Do you have any pets/children? If so we will ask the ages of both and breeds of any pets.
  • Do you have any short term lending or adverse credit?


The reasons we ask these things are that some properties just don’t suit children or pets. Most landlords would prefer not to have any pets. Because of this we try to assess if your application before asking you to apply in full. Working will relate to your ability to pay the rent and for your income to be secure.

Bank statements will be requested and any regular/significant gambling, short term money lending  or significant debt (all relative to income) is something that may lead to an application being declined.  The sad fact is we will often see details that even peoples partners are unaware of, if so we will be discreet. If you have a CCJ or IVA in most cases the landlords will be unlikely to accept your application.

We do not simply say no to tenants on housing benefit but your financial situation will need to be sound just the same as employed applicants. Why do we check so many things? Tenants now have considerable rights in law and therefore we have to be confident you can pay the rent in full on time and look after the house, therefore the checks we do are necessary and important. Because our properties are of a higher standard than many agents our landlords do look specifically for responsible tenants. Personal information will of course held in the very strictest confidence but can be checked and shared with the property owner.

Ready to apply?

To apply for a property please contact Laura or Cath to ensure there are no other applications and we can carry out the above checklist.

Please note we are receiving multiple applications on properties and sadly many applicants are not successful which is unpleasant for everyone. To avoid disappointment please check the below questions before contacting us to apply. These questions apply to all adults living in the property.

  • Does your monthly income equate to at least 2.5 x the rental amount? This is what we feel is the minimum for  affordability.
  • Do you have any adverse credit such as IVAS, CCJS, rent arrears, have a regular gambling habits or short term lending? This will mean your application will almost certainly be declined due to affordability

Please understand we suggest this not to offend but simply to try and avoid any upset. Letting people know the landlord is unable to accept them is horrible for both sides.

Guarantors, to add more security for the property owner will at time be required. They would need to be a home owner, UK based and be employed. If not they must be otherwise financially able to pay the rent on top of their own commitments. We have a separate application for guarantors and they would also need to supply 2 months bank statements and wage slips. If you withdraw of your own accord or provide false information the holding deposit may not be returned.

Customer Comments

We have used PC Lettings for many years... They offer a comprehensive service for both tenants and landlords. Well done PC lettings team!


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