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Royal Navy Tenants

Royal Navy Tenants

For over fifteen years now our agency has had an excellent relationship with the large government department working on projects in the Bae Barrow shipyard. As the preferred agent we are informed and requested to assist with every person who relocates to the area. So long as the properties provided are best value and to a good enough standard.

There has been a major change as of April 2016 and we are delighted to still be assisting as before with a change of process.

As work on each project is completed the builds up getting ready to sail for when they leave the submarine/ship yard in Barrow-in-Furness. We provide services for this large government department that are not available to other clients to ensure that their requirements are met. This has in the past required housing up to 14 new clients in one day!

As an agent we now house almost all the government personnel who come to work in the area. As tenants they are exceptional with rents paid directly from a designated organisation who also handle utility bills on the tenants behalf. The houses are kept very clean and tidy and a Military style check of the properties is conducted at the beginning and end of each tenancy. The most popular style of property is a two bedroom home with two double in bedrooms, parking is a major plus point.

Field Gun Success

We assist with various fundraising events the best of which so far being the Field gun success.

A high standard of property and furnishings for these tenants is expected and not every area will be popular due to increased security requirements. Should you require further information please contact our office where we can organise a free property appraisal.

Customer Comments

We have used PC Lettings for many years... They offer a comprehensive service for both tenants and landlords. Well done PC lettings team!


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