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Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates

All rented property to let requires an energy performance certificate with a minimum E rating. A copy of the EPC must also be given to the tenant before the commencement of any tenancy or renewal. This should be recorded and we also have to advertise the rating and potential.

You can check to see if you have an EPC here as well as seeing what the current EPC is.

We have composed some more information below for you but in a nutshell:

You can arrange these yourself provided you use a qualified person but we can organise them for you and charge £75.00 with no V.A.T. as we have two local independents who carry the checks out on our behalf. As usual they are both people known to us and trusted.

Further Information

There are many areas to consider when calculating the ratings for an EPC for every home, as each house is different.

The basic criteria for energy assessment include:

Building Construction ,Age of construction, Number of windows and type Volumetric calculation of all floors. Method of heating and controls used, Levels of insulation (lofts and walls).Thermal properties of adjacent buildings. Heat losses Fixed lighting efficiency Renewable energy sources e.g. solar panels, domestic wind turbines,

The factors detailed above are noted and software provides an overall rating and recommendations for improvement where required.

The Epc document will show what can be done to improve the rating and this can be anything from energy saving lightbulbs to wall insulation or solar panels.

Customer Comments

We have used PC Lettings for many years... They offer a comprehensive service for both tenants and landlords. Well done PC lettings team!


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