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This is the source of the bulk of our lets, by far and away the largest local employer. Indeed they are looking to add another 5000 staff! BAE systems in Barrow bring people in from around the UK and overseas to work on their projects. Often these customers look for furnished properties in Barrow but of course look throughout the area.

Bae systems provide the nuclear powered submarines for the Royal Navy with an order book going forward many years! Work on Astute and Dreadnough classes is in full progress. We have already started to work with the Australian high commission in regard to AUKUS. 

Some people will tell you they have contracts to house people for BAE systems this is usually not true. In almost all cases individual directors, employees and companies will source their own accommodation. We have dealt directly with BAE systems for some high level projects as they came to us (of course!) but this remains rare.

Many of the companies with work in Barrow rent serviced accommodation from us which can be seen here.  

We provide shorter term accommodation and all inclusive rents subject to availability. 

The reason we house such a high percentage of accommodation for people working at BAE in Barrow? In our opinion because we provide a higher than average quality service and property and that’s what these customers want.

Royal Navy at BAE Systems Barrow

The single largest group we house is the Royal Navy. Our relationship with them was once formal agreement as their “preferred agent”. The Royal Navy remain a key and long term customer.  pc Lettings was initially built in part around this service and we continue the tradition to this day. This group of tenants require homes longer term for use while working on projects within the BAE Barrow site.


Hms Anson 2021 LEGOG Team we proudly sponsored

Hms Anson 2021 LEGOG Team we proudly sponsored

Customer Comments

We have used PC Lettings for many years... They offer a comprehensive service for both tenants and landlords. Well done PC lettings team!


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