General update for customers – Ease of lockdown

We are happy to see the easing of some lockdown conditions but intend to remain cautious. Sadly as with most things these days it seems people are divided in their opinion of the risk. As we deal with the public and we are trying to protect not just ourselves but everyone else.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of one customer who sadly passed away early on in the pandemic.

The office will be open to the public from Monday 6th July. We have installed screens and touch free hand sanitisers and will ask that you use these upon entry. We shall not be re-opening on Saturdays just yet.

Of course we never stopped working and have invested considerably in laptops, remote access, ppe and the website to keep the wheels turning. The addition of Virtual tours to our website (before other local agents) we are particularly happy with

We are very proud of the effort from our team who have kept things going throughout. This has been and remains a difficult and worrying time for everyone with patience and consideration required in equal measure. Almost all our tenant and landlord customers has been great throughout and we thank everyone for being understanding.

As regards what we are now able to do please see below.


We will provide videos for all our marketed houses but will avoid doing this until tenants have vacated. Viewings can be completed but we ask although not insist that customers wear a mask, we will do so and have all doors open and lights on inviting you to walk around then ask any questions.


Should you prefer we can conduct these in your absence given keys access and will take care to touch a minimum or surfaces. If you would like to meet us we will wear a face mask and ask but not insist you to do so also.


For now we cannot feasibly complete these but specific concerns or requests will of course be accommodated whenever possible.

The market in general

We have to say it is very busy in the 7 days to 30th June we will have checked in 11 customers and have at least another 8 this week set to collect keys.

Overall the situation is unclear as many Bae staff are being asked to work from home until October and maybe into next year which is no doubt a concern. It also seems many others are still coming to work in the area for Bae, the NHS, local police and a range of other organisations.

There are a lot of houses available but this is still partly due to the completion of HMS Audacious when she recently left Barrow with the crew and others departing with her as usual. This is a regular event but does provide a short term increase in supply of houses. As we house the many key workers from Bae we are still running behind on processing everything from this move.

Overall whilst there is still a long way to go and likely to be new challenges this event has clearly shown that things will move on and get better with time and co-operation.

Should you be worried about anything concerning your tenancy or property please get in touch.

Shaun, Steve and all the team.