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End of July Update

Just a little update for all our customers.

Right now we are exceptionally busy having taken 72 applications from tenants in the last 4 weeks! The workload from this is exceptional and this means we may get back to you later than we would like.

We have moved customers into 27 houses in the past three weeks alone. There is also still much work to catch up on from the lockdown period and mass move out after the departure of Hms Audacious.

Please also remember you must wear a mask if you visit the office. If a staff member were to get infected we would have to shut the office again and want to avoid this at all costs.

At the moment, we are getting lots of enquiries and feel we have to make the most of this whilst demand is high. With the prospect of many Bae staff working from home for some time we want to maintain a high occupancy rate.

We would really like to thank all our customers for their continued understanding.