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Corona Virus update



We are carefully moving into the new way of working and will require your continued patience and co-operation. We again thank you all for continued co-operation.
If you have symptoms of the virus please inform us asap and do not come to our office or ask us to visit the property you reside in.
As of this week we have brought two more staff into the office both in separate rooms so can now, help with phone enquiries between 9am and 1pm. This will increase to 9am to 3.30pm from Monday 17th. We plan to increase this very shortly once safe. The answer machine message will also be checked later in the day and twice on Saturdays.
We do not think it is safe just yet to open our office to the public.


As yet we can’t just complete viewings as before.
We now have virtual tours i.e. videos of the houses, these are on our website. If customers are confident they want the house based on the video they can apply so we can ensure the application is one the property owner can accept. Then and only then we may be able to organise access to view the property independently of anyone else to ensure you are certain you wish to rent the property.


We can still complete these but will have to do so independently of anyone else perhaps via video or pre-agreed access.


As of yet we think these should remain cancelled until further notice it is just not safe and practical to start these again yet.

Moving in to a house and inventory check

After signing all documents
Day 1 (prior to tenancy start) we will check the inventory and keys and read the meters.
Day 3 (after a 24hr gap) If we have cleared funds of rent and deposit you can collect the keys and inventory and return the inventory (must be signed) Feel free to take pictures of any items you feel are damaged/marked/dirty. This is for the avoidance of doubt

Moving out of a house and inventory check

After having given notice and agreed dates
Day 1 – After cleaning the property, read the meters, and drop all the keys back at our office having applied anti-bacterial cleaner to them please.
Day 3 (after a 24hr gap) We will complete our check and email you with findings.
As before, cleanliness is paramount as we find property owners more likely to give grace when the property has been handed back clean and tidy.

Safety checks

In line with current guidelines, we are conducting any mandatory safety checks, which at the moment are only the Landlord Gas Safety checks, other checks have been postponed until we feel it is safer to reinstate them than not to.
Tenants will be provided sufficient notice of the checks to advise us whether anyone in the property is classed as at risk or self-isolating which will mean the checks cannot go ahead.
The checks are completed by an independent contractor but we are satisfied that they will be observing social distancing advice by not being in the same room as anyone occupying the property and will be wearing/using the appropriate PPE.


Much of our unavoidable contact is collection and return of keys. We will clean all keys before giving them out but will not pass them to you. We will place them for you to pick up to avoid contact.
If you are returning and keys to us, please do clean them with an antibacterial gel or wipe (taking care not to wet any remote control fobs)