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Corona virus Update 29/11/2021

Coronavirus Update 29/11/2021 – with view to new developments and guidance.

Firstly please understand we don’t have time to get into debates about vaccination, we take precautions so we can continue to provide vital services to all customers both landlords and tenants alike.

We have already had several instances of staff being unable to work due to Covid or children with Coughs send home from school etc with a small team this is difficult.

From 30th November and until further notice

The office will of course remain open but we are asking again that you take precautions.

i.e. use the hand gel dispenser by our front door and wear a face mask please.

If you are not comfortable with this for any reason we understand but please do not come to our office.

We will require customers to wear a mask at viewings and again if you are not willing to we understand but you will need to make a decision based on pictures and/or the virtual tour.

We will ask our contractors to take precautions also.

Again please understand this is hard for everyone and we are tired of all this too we are just trying to carry on as best we can in a safe manner for everyone’s sake.