Autumn 2021 Update

Whilst 2021 has been a very difficult year the changes and innovation demanded by Covid have brought some lasting benefits too.

Whilst many agents have stopped providing virtual tours we have continued as we find customers really value the ability to have a good look through at their leisure. Of course if customers want to view in person that’s no problem any longer, so long as sensible precautions are taken.

The market remains very busy, a house we advertised a few weeks back attracted 10 applications in the first 48hrs! We only wished he had more of them to help everyone.


With houses still difficult to find we are continuing to urge you to keep in touch. We use a “potential applicants list” allowing us to alert you as and when something suitable comes up. It is now very common to receive multiple applications for houses and whilst we hate having to turn people down the reality is only one applicant can move in.

Be sure to keep an eye on our “coming soon” page (self-explanatory really!) but here we list homes not quite ready or currently being renovated etc and this is designed to give you a chance to let us know if it might be the one for you.

Don’t forget we are not estate agents and therefore more of our houses are available for long term rental should you desire. The elevated property market has encouraged some estate agents to push to sell rented houses, the opposite is true for us.


As we continue to grow significantly in Ulverston the odd reality is actually that demand is probably even stronger for Barrow and Walney with fewer houses available here than Ulverston at times lately. It may sound like a sales pitch but demand really is strong across the board. Lots of families are looking for 3 and four bedroom homes – especially those with some outside space and furnished houses and flats are also in high demand for both locals and people coming to work in the area at BAE systems in the main. All of our serviced accommodation is currently full.

If you are thinking of renting your home or indeed switching agents please get in touch with Shaun or Steve both @pclettings and if you are looking for a new place please email Stephanie or Sophie