April 2021 customer update

We are delighted to see the lifting of some more restrictions, hopefully the end is in sight although just across the channel a new lock down is in place so we remain guarded. We do want to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their patience. This has been a nightmare for almost everyone but overall we have avoided significant amounts of rent arrears or rent voids, some agencies have seen major issues with this and we are glad we could avoid the same.

Investment and innovations on our website and with home working will be a long term improvements in our service. Virtual tours and online applications in particular are serving to significantly reduce rent voids making a significant financial benefit to our landlords.

The office will be open to customers on Monday 12th April although still ask that you only visit if necessary and still take precautions. I.e. use the hand gel by our front door and wear a mask please.

From 17th April we will be opening on Saturdays again, should you require anything, opening from 9am until 12 as before.

Probably most importantly we are aiming to start inspecting the houses again from 18th May onwards picking up where we left off. It will take a while to catch up and again we stress if you are worried about your property please ask and we should be able to bring your inspection forward.

For now we will still not be meeting tenants for move in or move outs as this is working well without doing so. The aim is to start meeting them at move ins again in May. We have found that by giving them a more flexible time for check out the houses overall are being left cleaner so we plan to leave this as it is.

Viewings are already being completed and with the market being still very busy, rents are generally increasing with some new tenancies starting with as much as 10% increases from the tenancy before.

We are still catching up with renewals. Anyone without an Eicr is advised to give Cheryl the go ahead asap so that this does not delay renewal any further. On the subject of Eicrs every house should have one now but nationally there are not enough people to get through all these even without Covid. We aim to take a third contractor on soon in this regard.

The fact is that right now the market is very brisk and with significant upward pressure on rents and a continued low interest environment rental yields are performing well as an investment. In this last month we have agreed two record rental amounts of £2850 pcm ( 4 bed barn conversion) and £4150  ( 7 bed serviced apartment- discounted for four customers). We expect the need for a six month notice period (section 21) will remain but overall it’s a good time to be a landlord.

If you are thinking of investing further please do touch base with Shaun or Steve as we are happy to advise and keen to take on more properties to rent.